Mrembo Empowerment Community We are a non-profit organisation in Kenya providing hairdressing and beauty skills training to young women living in slums.

  • Kenya

Mrembo Empowerment Community is a non-profit organisation located in Soweto slums, Kayole in Kenya.

Our training program is targeted at young women in slums - in particular victims of poverty, crime, drugs, prostitution, early marriage and refugees. We find them through local churches that we have partnered with to identify those girls in most need of our services.

We seek to transform the lives of these vulnerable women by improving their socio-economic status and equipping them with practical skills to restore their dignity.

By attending our training program, the young women can get employment or start their own businesses which helps them to avoid teenage pregnancy, abortion, single parenthood, addiction, infection by STD's and mental trauma. Our training also results in greater self-esteem for the young women and a general attitude of positivity.

We are motivated and guided by sustainable development goals; SDG 1: Ending Poverty, SDG 4: Quality Education, SDG 5: Gender Equality and SDG 17: Partnerships for The Goals.

Since we launched in 2017, we have trained over 150 girls in Soweto slums, Kayole. This has transformed the lives of over 312 individuals.


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