is developing and placing innovative smart lockers that are controlled by the mobile app.

  • Portugal is a start-up based in Lisbon. We are developing and placing smart lockers that are controlled by our mobile app. lockers were already present on Portuguese beaches, festivals, shopping malls, city centers, and co-working spaces. Currently, we are expanding to schools, universities, hostels, luggage stores and more.
The app works like a key to the locker. It allows you to find a locker on the map, to open doors remotely, pay cashless through the card and use different ways of payments, such as flexible payments, daily passes, weekly passes, subscription models, etc.
Besides storage and charging functionalities, provides an option to do peer-to-peer trades on the lockers, which compliments very well with growing C2C market place. Peer-to-peer functionality allows us to explore click & collect system that is being implemented in many retail stores all over the world.
The biggest's advantage is the customizability of the product which by combining all the mentioned functionalities represents convenience based on shared-economy, that fits any market. lockers are one of the most competitive on the market, with the vision of becoming the leading provider of connected networks of smart lockers.

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